Lucy Lopardo

My name is Lucy and I was born and raised in Caracas – Venezuela. With just 21 years I left my country to explore a new life in Italy and I stayed, in love with all its beauty.

After a few years I discovered a hidden passion and after studying A LOT, I became a certified tour guide.

The best part of my job? knowing people from the whole world, share stories and laughing togheter during the tours.

My purpose is to guide you through this paradise called Tuscany, to let you feel the emotion that I felt the first time that I saw the Leaning Tower (still happens today), to be part of history walking through the stone streets where the Medici family passed and eating traditional dishes in an outdoor square, isn’t it fascinating?

Tiptoe past Pisa's past crimes on an alternative history tour
ByLucy Lopardo, 24 Feb 2021

Walking Tour

40 mins