Fiona Rintoul

Fiona Rintoul is a writer, journalist and translator based in Scotland. She is the author of The Leipzig Affair, which was inspired by her experience of studying in Leipzig in East German times. The Leipzig Affair won the 2013 Virginia prize for the best new fiction by a woman writing in English and was short-listed for the Saltire first book award. In March 2015 it was serialised on BBC R4's Book at Bedtime. Fiona is also the author of Whisky Island, a celebration of the Isle of Islay's whisky distilleries, and translator of Outside Verdun, a new English-language version of Arnold Zweig's first world war classic Erziehung vor Verdun published in 2014 to mark the centenary of the start of the first world war.

Journey into Leipzig's communist past, uncovering secret relics and histories

Walking Tour

60 mins