Edvards Rutkis

Hi, I'm Edvards and I am a professional tour guide in Riga. I've lived in Riga for almost my entire life and for the past 6 years I've been doing anything and everything a guide can do - walking tours, kayak tours, segway tours, beer drinking tours - you name it , I've done. The cool thing is - it just doesn't get boring, I estimate I've done at least a 1000 tours and still, quite often, I find something new and interesting about the city. Apart from guiding, I perform regularly at the Riga Improv theatre, I have a background in academic debating and I'm working towards a masters degree in political science. Hope you like my tours and enjoy Riga!

Take a deep dive into the history of Riga's art nouveau architecture
ByEdvards Rutkis, 25 Jun 2020

Walking Tour

30 mins
Take in Sherlock Holmes and the origins of the Christmas tree on this Riga walk
ByEdvards Rutkis, 29 Jun 2020

Walking Tour

45 mins