Daniel Berger-Jones

Since 2011, I've been using my theatre background to entertain and educate all at once: edutainment. I think a good story and a few bits of silly commentary from time to time allows everyone to enjoy the story without sacrificing any truth or accuracy. I started a tour company called Cambridge Historical Tours to train more guides in the accessible presentations of history. If you’ve ever watched Mr. Wizard, or Bill Nye the Science Guy, or Crocodile Hunter, or Indiana Jones, those guys were my heroes.

Learning should be an adventure, a joy, and entertaining. In my tours, that's always the goal I have in mind. That you enjoy yourself while learning. I try to respond to all comments and requests, but I have a small kid and a tour company to run, so forgive me if my reply takes longer than I'd like.

Travel through 400 years of revolutionary history with heroes and troublemakers

Walking Tour

120 mins