Clifton & Hotwells Improvement Society

The Clifton & Hotwells Improvement Society is a registered charity (259371) formed in 1968 to provide a counter to the prevailing planning climate that favoured new developments and roads, too often at the expense of people and historical buildings. Since then it continues to review planning and licencing applications, supporting those that will enhance the area and opposing those that will not.

The Society works with local councillors and businesses to help improve the area in matters such as refuse collection, speed limits, drinking fountains and pavement obstructions. Tree planting, seats and plaques on buildings where notable people lived also form part of our activities.

All the profits from sales of this walking tour will go to further enhancing Clifton and Hotwells. If you would like to know more about the Society, or to join as member, please have a look at our website:

Immerse yourself in the grand architecture of this eclectic village in the city

Walking Tour

60 mins