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My name is Andrea and I am the founder of DiscoveryPisa. I was born in Madrid where I studied the degree of Tourism.

However, I always wanted to live in Italy, so in 2008 I came to Pisa as a student of the Erasmus project to finish my degree. Pisa conquered me so much that I decided not to return to Madrid and stay here.

A few years later, in 2012, I obtained my title of tourist guide of Pisa and province and few months later, together with my colleague Alessia, we decided to found DiscoveryPisa.

Since 2012 I feel that I have the honor to guide tourists through Pisa and show them this wonderful city with a thousand places to discover, because Pisa is much more than the Leaning Tower!

Lean into the story of Pisa while you wind your way through its medieval streets
ByAndrea - DiscoveryPisa, 24 Jul 2020

Walking Tour

40 mins