UMass Boston Student Veterans

We're a group of student veterans at the University of Massachusetts Boston. We worked together to produce this project as part of a course called "Oral History and the Veteran Experience," taught by Professor Erin Anderson in Fall 2015. Lancelot Chamberlain, Merita Dallta, Halana Espindula da Cunha, Shelita Hayes, Nathanael Haynes, Nathan Heilman, Casandra Najdul, Caleb Nelson, Marc Purdham, Joseph Satterthwaite, Scott Stroh, and Christopher Weindorf.

War memorial

South Boston Medal of Honor Walk

Distance 3mi
Duration 90min
11 ratings

A group of student veterans from the University of Massachusetts Boston take you on a walk of South Boston's war memorials, honoring the courage and sacrifice of New England's military veterans. Walk from the Seaport District, across the... More»