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Shawn Basey

I once was a desk jockey for the US government in Denver. I've since tossed that life, joined the Peace Corps, and became a world traveler. Today, I'm a novelist, blogger, and musician, who currently writes children's stories and video game soundtracks for Lipa Learning. I've self-published a dark humor-psychological novel and keep up a blog about my world travels. For the time being, I live in Prague, Czech Republic, which serves as a base for my European travels.

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Shawn basey prague kings road profile
by Shawn Basey in Prague
11 Nov 2016
Prague walking crop

The King's Road

Distance 2mi
Duration 70min
5 ratings

Welcome to Prague! This tour will take you down the historic King's Road, the coronation route of the medieval kings of Bohemia. It starts at a famous shopping mall, and will take you through the winding streets of the old town. You'll pass by... More»

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