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Mindy Flanagan

Mindy Grout Flanagan was born at Scripps Hospital when it was a small community hospital located in La Jolla on Prospect Street. She was very grateful to be raised in La Jolla in a family that had a deep love for the sporty lifestyle it afforded and, later in life, Mindy found great joy as a Career Advisor for UC San Diego where she helps others make their avocation their vocation. Mindy co-founded TourFreely because she believes in following the footsteps of your passion and helping others to do the same and exploring your own city and region can lead to the fulfilment that we all desire.

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by Mindy Flanagan in San Diego
21 Nov 2019
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La Jolla: The Riviera of California

Distance 2mi
Duration 45min
3 ratings

Curious about La Jolla’s backstory? Lace up your sneakers. It’s time to soak in the glory and magnificence of La Jolla by immersing yourself in the story, history and architecture of this sun-kissed seaside community.
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