Martin Wilson

Hi. My name is Martin Wilson, I’ve lived in and around the English Lake District for most of my life and I’m passionate about exploring the area, discovering new local places and stories as I go. Over many years I have travelled across every part of the area, always in awe of the magnificent scenery, but also discovering different attractions along the way, many of which give us fascinating insights into local history and culture. I wanted to put my local knowledge to good use so have produced a website This contains 16 different drives and visits all the best towns, villages, lakes, rivers, valleys and attractions across the Lake District and also those just outside the National Park but still in the county of Cumbria. I hope you can join me in exploring this wonderful area and discovering its stories.

Discover tranquil lakes, ancient landmarks and romantic poets on this drive
ByMartin Wilson, 1 Mar 2022

Driving Tour

150 mins