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Joe Start

Hi, I'm Joe, the author of French License, a tragicomedy travel memoir, and The Chairfather companion photo book to my tours on VoiceMap. After graduating with a journalism degree, I jumped over to the advertising and marketing side of communications. My day job has been selling media and technology in the US and Europe for more than a dozen years, lately with startups. I write non-fiction about my adventures as an American expat abroad, first-person travel memoirs, cross-cultural observations, the impact of technological innovation on individuals, the history of food, the crossroads of ingredients recipes and culture, and recreational sailing. If you like this stuff too, let's connect on social media or my site.

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Js headshot 180x180
by Joe Start in Paris
31 Jan 2018
Tomb of the dragon

The Chairfather: Père Lachaise Part I

Distance 1mi
Duration 60min
6 ratings

In Part I, we will cover one third of the 44 hectares of this immense park. Of the three walks, this one is of medium difficulty, with mostly straight pathways and level ground, and a tricky patch in the middle where you need to pay strict... More»