Annette Welkamp

I am the Director of Culture Counsel, a consultancy that specialises in the development, implementation and management of art, museum and heritage projects internationally. My life has been filled with travelling and exploring since I was little, but sadly, I don’t remember the first big trip since I was only three. It must have been a fabulous round-the-world ship journey, which included passing through both the Suez and the Panama Canals. Having been born in Australia, I am lucky enough to have dual citizenship, thanks to my parents who migrated there from the Netherlands. I’m told that I speak Dutch with an Australian accent and use strange old-fashioned words that emanate from Twente in the east of the Netherlands (my parent’s original base) – but I don’t believe it. It all sounds perfectly fine to me. Creating walking tours in interesting places is a great way of enabling others to see and experience the fascinating world that we all live in. Please join me on a tour.

by Annette Welkamp in Utrecht
28 Nov 2019
Voicemap cover image

Castles, canals and good folk

Distance 1mi
Duration 60min
5 ratings

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, having started out in the 1st century as a Roman frontier fort. It has always been important, and has the scars and the achievements to prove it. Join me on a wander along canals and down... More»

by Annette Welkamp in Hattem
10 Oct 2019
Hattem windmill1

Windmills, bakeries and possibly ghosts

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
1 rating

Hattem’s central location makes it easy to visit from wherever you are staying in the Netherlands. Even though small, it was once part of the mighty Hanseatic League of trading towns and cities across northern Europe. Come with me on a wander down... More»