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Amy McMahon

Born of the snowy tundras of central New York and transplanted to the ancient deserts of the Middle East, Amy is an avid adventuress, dirt-digging archeologist, children’s book author & tour director. She has wandered the globe as an international educator for over 20 years. Passionate about following historical paths, both literally and figuratively, Amy seeks out unique opportunities to bring the lives of people from the past into our own day-to-day experiences.

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by Amy McMahon in London
11 Sep 2019
Londinium cropped

Londinium's Footprint: Roman Wall Walk

Distance 1mi
Duration 60min
9 ratings

Roam in the footsteps of the ancients...and the medievals, and the Victorians, and pretty much all of London’s inhabitants through history. Become a part of this city’s tradition.

This tour has you walking the literal path where the Romans... More»