Karen Walker

I'm Karen, a retired educator and hiking guide. My husband and I run an adventure travel company that specializes in hiking tours around the world. I also taught English and was a school administrator for many years. One of my favorite parts of running a school was creating outdoor and travel opportunities for students. I currently split my time between Bluff, Utah and Ophir, Colorado where you'll find me hiking, exploring, and Nordic skiing. My husband and I also spend a lot of time abroad, especially in the Alps where we develop inn-to-inn hiking tours for our guests. Wherever I travel, I love to learn about the regional history and culture, so to combine my interests I started creating tours with VoiceMap. I think that GPS based walking tours are a really fun way to explore an area and learn while walking!

Trek through the Pioneer West with Mormons, miners, cowboys, and Indians
ByKaren Walker, 21 May 2021

Walking Tour

30 mins