Jitka Simkova

I was born in West Bohemia, grew up by the German border in communist regime order, but revolution arrived right in time, when I was 18! I traveled some, 27 years ago I settled in Prague. My company Prague Walks is as old as my daughter - 22 years. I love to tell stories about Prague, my home country, my personal stories related to the topic too. I am a history buff, studied History and English at Pilsen University. I am a tour leader based in Prague, operating around Europe. I am passionate about music, dance, culture, art in general, local cuisines....

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by Jitka Simkova in Prague
30 Oct 2017
Wenceslas square

New Town: Art Nouveau and Elegant Cafés

Distance 1mi
Duration 20min
3 ratings

This tour will take you around the New Town treasures. We start on Wenceslas Square - a square of not only revolution, but bursting with culture and hidden gems. From the square, we will disappear into network of passageways and take a shortcut to... More»

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