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    Holy Trinity Church

    Holy Trinity Church on Washington, D.C. audio tour The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    Welcome to my tour of the past homes and haunts of U.S. president John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie Kennedy here in the historic Georgetown section of Washington, D.C. I’m your guide, Rick Snider, and my family has lived in Georgetown for more than a century.

    We’re starting at the church John and later Jackie attended – Holy Trinity Catholic Church. John often attended Sunday mass. Indeed, the Kennedys attended mass here for the last time before his November 22nd, 1963 assassination. They walked down these steps where you are now. Can you feel it?

    This church was founded in 1792 by the Jesuits who also started nearby Georgetown University. In the early days, parishioners rented a seat or brought their own. In 1862, it was used a hospital for Union Soldiers after the Second Battle of Bull Run in the American Civil War.

    Let’s get going. If you’re facing the church, head to the corner on the left towards O Street.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown