• LOCATION 11 | The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown

    3260 N Street

    As we make our way to 3260, check out the “garden apartment” steps to the right that lead underground to many units. I’d have to lose weight to squeeze down some of those stairs. Yes, people really live down there. And, I’ve heard stories of those who were buried under plowed streets for a week during heavy snowstorms when the snow piled up on the sidewalks. Makes me shudder just thinking about that.

    OK, we’re reaching 3260. It’s a rather bland place when it comes to Kennedy’s homes. He lived here as a bachelor from 1951-53 after staying with his sister Eunice. Kennedy lived here when meeting Jackie, though there’s no record of her ever staying here. Why, think of the scandal?

    This home was built in 1819. It has 2,300 square feet and five bedrooms. It last sold in 1995 for $400,000, but city tax rolls now assess it at $1.1 million.

    You’ll notice this part of town is a little more commercial as we approach Wisconsin Avenue. I kind of doubt there was a Kinko’s/FedEx when Kennedy walked passed, though. We’re now heading straight down the street to the corner where Martin’s Tavern lies.

    The smells of the Irish menu lingering down the street will probably get you walking faster.

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The Kennedy Homes of Georgetown