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Tokyo Audio Tours

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by Peter Mac Innes in Tokyo
10 Apr 2017
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River Kanda, Scenic Walk, Tokyo

Distance 1mi
Duration 25min
2 ratings

This relaxing river route will take you to some of the oldest and most beautiful gardens in Tokyo. The picturesque scenery and traditional Japanese restaurants inside the gardens are more than a match for anything Kyoto has to offer.

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by JapanTravel.com in Tokyo
10 Apr 2017

Roppongi Nightlife

Distance 1mi
Duration 45min
3 ratings

Walk with me through Roppongi, starting from the luxurious Roppongi Hills area, passing through the heart of the night life district, and arriving in the Tokyo Midtown area.

With so many restaurants, bars and clubs in Roppongi, this tour may... More»

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