• LOCATION 16 | Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side

    Shilling Grange

    The grand timbered building on your right is called the Old Grange.

    Once you've had a good look, continue walking, while I tell you about it.

    This is a prestige building, now existing as two homes.

    In the 1780s, The Grange was leased by Isaac Taylor who paid £6 per annum rent. He lived here with his wife and children until 1796. His daughters, Ann and Jane became well known for their books of nursery rhymes. In 1806, the sisters published Rhymes for the Nursery, which contained one of the most famous of English nursery rhymes, Jane's 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Now would that refer to the De Vere star as well I wonder?

    This fine building was just about derelict by the 1920s. A London architect, Percy Green, bought the Grange and extensively restored it at great personal expense. It was Percy who reinstated one half as a timbered building and one half as a plastered building. This building was a whisker away from being lost forever. Thanks Percy.

    Now carry on up Shilling street.

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side