• LOCATION 8 | Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side

    Lavenham Greyhound

    Find a suitable place to stop at the end of Hall Rd at the junction with the High Street and have a look at the Greyhound on the opposite side of the road.

    In very early times there was a nearby building that was a lock up for those falling foul of the law. Then this spot became an Inn, with a room large enough to be used for Inquests and meetings of all sorts. As the Inn grew, it provided stabling for up to 30 horses. If you wanted to sell beer then you had to be able to brew it. To brew beer you needed a maltings. This all took place on this site.

    A well was dug in 1807 at the back of the Greyhound to provide clean water for the beer. It was 76 feet deep, which is about 25m. Interestingly at 50ft they encountered some poisonous air that put out candles and killed chickens. Perhaps the Suffolk equivalent of the coal miners canary, to warn of poisonous air, was a chicken! I expect a chicken provided more of a meal than a canary?

    In the early 1800s the Inn also had a butchers and slaughterhouse trade on the same site. What an advert; not just fresh beer but also fresh meat. Interestingly we shall pass a butchers shop in this street that is still winning awards today.

    When you're ready, turn right on Lavenham High St and head down the hill to stand opposite the front door of the Swan Hotel. I will see you there. 

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Lavenham: A Walk on the Medieval Side