• LOCATION 1 | Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL

    Welcome to the I55 Tour

    Welcome to the I55 Interstate Audio Tour from St. Louis, Missouri, to Springfield, IL. You should be at the gas station on Chouteau Avenue between 6th street and Broadway. Just a couple blocks down 6th street, toward downtown, is the on-ramp to Interstate 55 and where our tour officially begins. But a few important things before we get started.

    First, gas is usually less expensive in Missouri than it is in Illinois, so fill up here before we go, there’s a good chance you will save more on gas than you will for this tour.

    Second, VoiceMap uses your device’s GPS to know your location. Audio segments will automatically begin playing when you pass certain trigger points. So, once the tour starts, you can set down your device.

    Third, while there are over 70 attractions pointed out during this 100 mile tour and there should be very few extended gaps of silence between attractions, traffic or other unforeseen circumstances may result in longer gaps of silence. But don’t worry, the next audio segment will automatically play as soon as you reach the next trigger point. If, for whatever reason, you go off course, audio on the app will let you know.

    Finally, and most importantly, drive safely, pay attention to the road, and obey all traffic laws, such as driving only in the left-hand lane when passing a vehicle, which is the law in Illinois, and do not stop on the Interstate unless it is an emergency. There is nothing on this tour that requires your immediate or prolonged attention. If an attraction sparks your interest and you want a closer look, great! But pull off the Interstate at the next exit and then take local roads back to the attraction where you will be able to get a much better look.

    Now, to begin the tour, head down 6th street toward the city and in less than a few blocks, once you start heading up the onramp to Interstate 55, your tour will begin.

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Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL