• LOCATION 40 | Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL


    As we pass the pond which is along the Interstate to our left, we will be passing above land where in 1850 existed the village of Hardinsburg. Where we are right now, was a post office, several buildings, homes for 50 people, and 17 blocks were laid out. The residents here thought Hardinsburg would become the second largest city in the county. But in 1853, the Terre Haute Alton Railroad announced that they would not lay their tracks though Hardinsburg, but a few miles to the North. So, the residents of Hardinsburg dragged their homes and building across the fields to our right to present day downtown Litchfied, about where that thick water tower is to our right. Nothing remains of Hardinsburg, not even a spot on a map.

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Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL