• LOCATION 25 | Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL

    Alton and Hamel

    The city of Alton is located about 16 miles to our left. It lies along the Mississippi River and once competed with St. Louis to become the Gateway to the West…but lost. Although, Alton was home to Robert Wadlow, the tallest man to have ever lived, who grew to 8 feet, 11 inches before passing away in 1940 at the young age of 22. Alton is also where the 13th Amendment to our US Constitution was drafted, the one that abolished slavery.

    The homes to our left are in the Village of Hamel. First settled by German immigrants in 1817, the village was established where the first two roads in the township crossed, about where the grain elevator is to our left. In 1926, the nation’s most famous and legendary highway in America, the Historic Route 66, came through Hamel, and still operating in Hamel is a Historic Roadhouse, now called Weezy’s, that has been in operation along the Mother Road since the 1930s.

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Interstate 55: St. Louis, MO to Springfield, IL