Tour Locations | Downtown São Paulo

  • LOCATION 23 | Downtown São Paulo

    To the Municipal Market

    Safely cross the street ahead and continue straight.


    Right now you'll have the Municipal Market in your sights. Its affectionately called Mercadão by locals, and is known for being one of the most traditional gourmet points of the city. It sells a wide variety of foods – fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, poultry and seafood. There are also many kinds of pastas, sweets and spices on offer.

    About 450 tons of food are handled here every day. The moment you step through the entrance, you will become one of the 50 thousand visitors to the Municipal Market attracts each week. Many visitors come here to try the infamous cod pastels and bologna sandwiches. If you've worked up a bit of an appetite from this tour, I would definitely recommend trying them both!

    Keep moving forward, and I will catch you again before you go inside!

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