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San Francisco Audio Tours

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by Weimin Chen in San Francisco
29 Apr 2016

Mission Accomplished: A Tour of San Francisco's Mission District

Distance 1mi
Duration 30min
0 ratings

The Mission District is among the most fascinating neighborhoods in San Francisco. It's currently undergoing demographic shifts and societal changes, but also boasts amazing food, art, nightlife, diversity, and the magical atmosphere of Dolores... More»

Locicon 2000 Mission...

SF Waterfront Landmarks: 2 Hour Tour

Distance 28mi
Duration 120min
0 ratings

A self-guided audio tour of San Francisco's waterfront landmarks as you cruise on a powerboat which you operate and drive! Get up close to Alcatraz, Yerba Buena, Angel and Treasure Islands as you go. Dock for lunch at the private slips of the best... More»

Locicon pier 1 1/2 T...
Winery shot
by Joan Gelfand in San Francisco
29 Feb 2016

Barbary Coast: Basking in SF’s Glowing Literary Lights

Distance 1mi
Duration 40min
2 ratings

This route meanders through a beautifully preserved corner of San Francisco. Through North Beach, the home of the beats, punks and jazz to Jackson Square where Gold Miners came to weigh gold, carouse and sleep.

Locicon 541-553 Broa...
Melissa profile picture cropped
by Melissa Brooks in San Francisco
21 Jan 2016
San francisco fictional audio tour

Ghost Tour through Golden Gate Park

Distance 1mi
Duration 20min
0 ratings

Take a fantastical tour of Golden Gate Park with a ghost as your guide. She'll highlight some of the strange things she encountered at this park during her life, including mutant plants, vicious fairies and miniature mermaids.

Locicon 2486 Fulton ...
Voicemap cc hart2
by CC Hart in San Francisco
12 Nov 2015

Syn City SF: The Haight-Ashbury

Distance 3mi
Duration 90min
3 ratings

The Haight-Ashbury is San Francisco's most colorful neighborhood! It's even more spectacular when viewed through the filter of synesthesia, a rare neurological condition that fuses one's senses. Synesthetes experience sensations such as colored... More»

Locicon 1873-1899 Ha...
Lcb gp 4

Lions, and Cows, and Bears! Oh, My! The Remarkable History of San Francisco's Glen Park and Glen Canyon

Distance 2mi
Duration 60min
3 ratings

The village of Glen Park is nestled among the slopes of the San Miguel Hills near the heart of San Francisco, just south of Twin Peaks. It is the gateway to a hidden gem of 70 acres of open space known as Glen Canyon, of which 60 acres is... More»

by Sarah Weidman in San Francisco
01 Jun 2015
Outer richmond cropped

A Walk in the Outer Richmond

Distance 1mi
Duration 50min
2 ratings

This walk is the story of one woman's move to the Outer Richmond. It's a story that involves everything from private investigators to scandalous driver’s ed teachers to friendship in unlikely places.

Sarah Weidman takes you on a journey through... More»


Heroes of the Earthquake

Distance 0mi
Duration 10min
0 ratings

In 1906 San Francisco experienced an earthquake like nothing in living memory. Four days of fires left much of the city in ruins, but thanks to Lt. Frederick Freeman the waterfront was saved.

Explore the Ferry Building and hear the stories of... More»

Locicon 351 San Fran...
Img 1252
by Joseph Amster in San Francisco
23 Feb 2015
Time machine

San Francisco Time Machine: Union Square to Lotta's Fountain

Distance 0.5mi
Duration 20min
2 ratings

This tour takes you from San Francisco's historic Union Square to the Hotel St. Francis, down Maiden Lane, and finishes at Lotta's Fountain. Explore the city with this masterful storyteller, and hear its fascinating stories along the way.

Locicon 301 Post Street
Rick snider
by Rick Snider in San Francisco
16 Dec 2014
Pier 39 sunset

Leaving your heart at Fisherman's Wharf

Distance 2mi
Duration 50min
1 rating

Stroll along the famous Fisherman's Wharf where we'll enjoy great sightlines of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. There's shopping, seals, seafood, ships and more, but this is no mere tourist area. Fisherman’s Wharf is not... More»

Locicon 1400 The Emb...

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