Philadelphia's Lost Waterfront

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    25 Jan 2016
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    HSPS building and Race St Pier

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    Coming up is a large blue colored pipe in the sidewalk next to the river. Stop at the pipe for a second.

    This is the manifold for the High Pressure Fire Service building, which you can see across the street. That Victorian structure is now the restaurant La Peg, and is also the headquarters for the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival (also known as the Philly Fringe). But it formerly provided water at high-pressure for use in fighting fires. This building is the main reason why downtown Philadelphia never suffered a catastrophic fire during the 1900s.

    A bit further along is the Race Street Pier. This once-abandoned municipal pier was turned into a verdant riverside park in 2011. Feel free to relax here for a bit. You can walk to the end of the pier to observe some maritime activity. Race Street Pier was the first public space built by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, a nonprofit company that intends to transform the city’s river frontage into a place for recreational, cultural and commercial activities.

    When you're ready, continue along the sidewalk.

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