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    Ryan Mountain and Sheeps Pass

    The vast area that you see before you now belonged to JD Ryan, whose adobe home is just behind us now. From this high-elevated perch, the cattle ranchers were able to survey the land for any possible wrestlers or uninvited guests. With all the gold in "Dem darn Hills", the settlers had to be vigilant about greedy gunslingers.

    The hill coming up on the right is called Ryan's Mountain. Many of the Desert Bighorn Sheep that inhabit this area go to this mountain in search of cooler temperatures in the hot summer months. They are camouflaged against the rock formations, so it takes a keen eye to be able to make out these bighorn sheep among the bronzed rocks. Joshua Tree National Park has about 300 Big Horn Sheep that average about 250 pounds each.

    As we come closer to Ryan Mountain you will notice that there are 2 large outcroppings of rock. Between these two rocks you will sometimes find
    some adventurers that take their challenges to higher elevations. There will often be a 70 foot highwire between the two rocks on the right where tightrope walkers will attempt to cross the space between the rock formations. These are people who have no fear of the 3rd dimension as they walk some 200 feet above the ground.

    Carry on following the road around the mountain. You'll hear from me again in a few minutes.

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Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour