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    Geology of the Park

    Look around you and visualize what took millions of years to form. The rocks of this area began miles underground. Vast chambers of hot magma filled long ago. These active chambers were squeezed like a kind of hot clay, pushed together by the force of the San Andreas Fault zone.

    The Pacific Plate is a giant jigsaw puzzle piece of the earth's vast tectonic plate system. This plate extends all the way to Asia, and is crunching up against the rest of the North American plate. This force has squeezed hot material to the surface. This molten material is a combination of quartz, which is the most common mineral of the earth's crust, along with metals and metal-rich minerals.

    After millions of years of ground erosion, the granite monoliths have become exposed. These structures around you are some of the hardest types of granite on the planet and perfect for rock climbers.

    Carry on heading straight through the park. I'm going to leave you in silence for a while. You'll hear from me again in a few minutes.

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Joshua Tree National Park Audio Driving Tour