• LOCATION 19 | Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street

    Theobald's Road

    Turn left here and carry on walking.

    When Charles Dickens moved into the house that is now the Charles Dickens Museum – and the place at which we will end our walk – he was just 25 years old. He had started to find fame as an author with The Pickwick Papers, which was the first work of fiction published under his real name. His earlier short stories had all been published under the pseudonym of "Boz". It was while living in this area that he completed The Pickwick Papers and wrote Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. Throughout this time, Dickens was also working on the plot of the very first novel he had thought about writing – although it would actually be the fifth of his novels to be published. That novel was Barnaby Rudge. It is one of only two historic novels that Dickens wrote, the other one being A Tale of Two Cities.

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Charles Dickens from Furnival's Inn to Doughty Street