• LOCATION 26 | Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present

    The Liver Building

    You are now in front of the Royal Liver Building opened in 1911 Walk along the street on the right hand side as you look.

    The building, one of the first in the world to be constructed using reinforced concrete, was designed as the headquarters of the Royal Liver Assurance Group. When opened, the building received a great deal of criticism in the local papers. You no longer hear criticism.

    Crowning it is a pair of clock towers, designed to allow mariners and Liverpool workers to tell the time. Atop each tower stand the mythical Liver Birds. Legend states that while one looks out over the city to protect its people, the other looks out to sea at the new sailors coming in to port. Another story suggests that the birds face different directions because one is male, looking inland to see if the pubs are open, whilst the other is female, looking out to sea to see if there are handsome sailors coming up the river.

    The building still houses the Royal Liver company, but is now owned by the owners Everton Football Club whose headquarters are too based inside.

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Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present