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    Liverpool Castle

    Turn right into Lord Street walking on the left hand side

    You're now walking towards the Victoria Monument, once the site of Liverpool Castle, which was constructed as a result of King John issuing a Royal Charter to Liverpool in August 1207. At the time Liverpool was a tiny fishing port on the verge of becoming an important trading centre. The charter is the first surviving document to reference Liverpool. 28th August is therefore considered Liverpool's birthday. The castle, built from local sandstone, was completed by 1235. It was surrounded by a dry moat.

    Some of the most dramatic scenes in Liverpool’s history happened around the castle. Between 1642-1651 England was in the grip of a civil war. The King Charles 1st Royalists faced the Parliamentarians under Oliver Cromwell. In 1643, Parliamentarians controlled the town.

    Royalists gained control in 1644, losing of 1,500 men in the process. The castle was badly damaged. Victory in the war went eventually to the Parliamentarians and the castle was abandoned. Locals began to remove stones to help rebuild Liverpool. By 1700, the castle was in total ruins and, in 1714, with the first dock about to open, King George 1st authorised its removal.

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Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present