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    Left onto North John Street: WW2 Blitz

    You are now on North John Street. Turn left. Our next topic is Liverpool and the Second World War.

    Much of the area you have passed through was badly damaged or destroyed during the war. Liverpool was a target for German bombers regularly from August 1940 until May 1941. The reason for this I will explain later. The most harmful attacks of 1940 occurred in November. Residential areas suffered and almost 300 people were killed.

    However, the first eight days of May 1941 were the most devastating. Liverpool was bombed every night during the period. Among buildings badly damaged were St. George's Hall, the library and museum. Thankfully they were able to be renovated. The shopping area coming up in front of you is called Liverpool One. During the May attacks the whole area from the top to the bottom of the street was totally destroyed. It took many years for it to be rebuilt and restored. More sadly though, residential areas outside the city centre faced constant attack. 1,900 people lost their lives with thousands more suffering long term disabilities. 40,000 homes were destroyed.

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Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present