• LOCATION 4 | Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present

    Hillsborough Memorial

    At the bottom of the gardens turn left towards our next location. It's the low, round monument just ahead.

    The reasons behind its construction is the consequence of one of the saddest occasions in the city's history. An original design, it's titled, the Hillsborough Memorial Monument.

    In April 1989 Liverpool Football Club was playing an FA Cup semi final match at the Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield. Close to kick off time, thousands of supporters struggled to gain entrance. There were just four turnstiles open. The police decided to open the exit gates allowing supporters entry. In poured the thousands heading to three separate pens. However, most headed for the central pen. A huge crush ensued in which 96 people lost their lives. The memorial is dedicated to their memory.

    The people depicted in the design are known as ‘the guardians of the memory’, Their purpose is symbolic. Other figures represent justice, which families are still fighting for, hope and loss. The people who passed away are represented by the birds who fly freely throughout the work.

    Feel free to spend some time taking it in. When you're done, continue walking with the gardens on your left, to the next crossing.

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Liverpool History and Culture: From the Past to the Present