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  • LOCATION 29 | The Soul of Alfama

    The Lisbon's Writer Street and the Bear Fountain

    Can you spot the river?

    On your right you'll find a white building from a Recreational Group.

    Go down the flight of stairs ahead of you.

    You'll find a small peaceful square with a porch.

    On the right you'll find a fountain with a bear's head sculpture.

    Stop there by the fountain while I'll tell you about Norberto de Araújo.

    De Araújo was a journalist and writer who lived from 1889 to 1952. As a writer, he became famous for his works on the city of Lisbon, such as the “Lisbon Pilgrimages” and the “Lisbon Inventory”. He also produced several popular marches.

    The historian wrote the following: “If Alfama would be demolished, even the pickaxes would weep.” No wonder, a street here in Alfama was named after him.

    When you're ready, turn left at the fountain under the pergola, at Beco das Canas, and then turn right to keep going.

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