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  • LOCATION 39 | The Soul of Alfama

    The Chapel of Remédios

    Turn right here and and continue walking along the white wall.

    After, to your right, you’ll find the former chapel of the Holy Spirit dating from the early 1500s, It was very connected to the fishermen community of Alfama, also known as Chapel of Our Lady of Remedies.

    Head to its main door, just to the right of you.

    Stop by the gothic door while I tell you about this church.

    As you might have noticed, this church has a double oracle, the Holy Spirit and Our Lady of Remedies. Why, may you ask?

    In this location, there was a well, where one day an image of Our Lady came out dry, in spite of being taken from the water. From then on, fishermen and their families came to implore to the Virgin of Remedies to heal them and the legend started.

    The gate of the chapel is considered a national monument and was carved in a Manueline style. This is a style from the 1500’s, named after King Manuel. You'll notice the shield on its top that represents the dove of the Holy Spirit.

    It was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 but soon after restored.

    When you're ready, with the church door in front of you, turn right and go up the hill, away from the square, up rua dos Remédios.

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