Tour Locations | The Soul of Alfama

  • LOCATION 11 | The Soul of Alfama

    Rua Guilherme Braga

    Take a right here and keep going. You'll see the street sign "Rua Guilherme Braga". Continue past a ceramic workshop on your left.

    Alfama comes from Al-Hama, an Arabic word meaning fountain or thermal baths.

    There were times when Lisboners sought the public baths in Alfama with abundant calcium bicarbonate water flowing from hot and cold springs. They believed them to have medicinal properties. The water flows underneath the ground due to an existing geological fault.

    The baths were also known as “Alcaçarias”, an Arabic term that can mean “palace” or “shops street”. But they also designated the tannery workshops, that used the warm waters during the medieval period.

    Keep walking.

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