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  • LOCATION 48 | The Soul of Alfama

    Jardim do Tabaco

    Turn right here and continue walking.

    Look ahead. Can you spot a pink building to your left?

    It dates from the late 1800s. The building used to be a reservoir with a lift system that captured the waters of Alfama. This helped solve the problem of the lack of water in Lisbon. It now houses the Fado Museum.

    The city of Lisbon has always suffered from a lack of water. How is this possible, you may ask, considering the river runs through the city?

    Well, the tides are the cause. The sea enters the estuary of the river with low or high tides, making the water brackish.

    So Alfama, its fountains and this station played a key role in the water supply.

    Keep going.

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