• LOCATION 4 | Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour

    Second Lookout Natural Wonder

    NARRATOR: Now, can you see the lookout on your left? It’s a platform of wooden slats, with a railing around it. Go over to it and stop for another magnificent city view.

    As you’ve almost certainly noticed, Table Mountain is a haven for all kinds of flora and fauna, and is of major historical significance. It's also the global icon of the city. It finally got the recognition it deserved when it was chosen as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011. Collette van Aswegen is the Cableway's Marketing Manager, and she got to experience the buzz first hand! The New Seven Wonders of Nature initiative aimed to create awareness of the incredible variety and beauty of nature, and was determined entirely by public vote.

    COLLETTE: Being on the organising committee was very nail-biting, but also very exciting. It all started in 2008, when there was a call for members of the public to nominate natural sites. Four South African sites were nominated as contenders for the prestigious title of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. These included Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, Kruger National Park and the Vredefort Crater. Table Mountain made it through to the final short-list of 28 sites in July 2009. On the 11th of November 2011, Table Mountain was named one of the official New Seven Wonders of nature. It’s one of the oldest mountains on the planet; six times older than the Himalayas. It's also part of The Cape Floristic Region World Heritage Site, and it’s the only terrestrial feature on our planet to have a constellation of stars, Mons Mensae – Latin for “the table mountain” – named after it.

    NARRATOR: Now, let’s get back on the path, and carry on walking.

Upper Cableway Station Audio Guide: Tabletop Walking Tour