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    Sulaimania Masjid: The Williams Street Mosque

    Sulaimania Masjid: The Williams Street Mosque on Cape Town audio tour Starting Up in Woodstock

    Michelle: That’s the Sulaimania Masjid to your right. Yasien Harris has been its imam for over 60 years.

    Imam Harris: Oh…I’ve been the imam from 1958.

    Michelle: Cross over the road just ahead, and keep going straight, between the houses.

    Imam Harris: This was the first mosque in Woodstock, inshallah. This mosque was started...they built it in 1947. It was the form of a house that they had here. Eventually, it was built in 1955 completely. The King of Egypt, that is King Farouk at that time, he and his government gave some money to build this masjid.

    Woodstock was a very cosmopolitan area. There’s a Jewish cemetery here, there was a synagogue here, there’s been many churches here, many churches in Woodstock. There was a lot of English people who came here. That’s why you can see Sussex and Essex and all these places in England. You find all the counties here.

    Michelle: Including Cornwall, on Cornwall Street. Keep an eye out for it in a couple of blocks.

    Imam Harris: Here the white people stayed with the normal, non-white, so-called coloured people, and of course very few black people.

Starting Up in Woodstock