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  • LOCATION 11 | Green Point Park

    Tea in the Park Café

    The building just ahead of you is Tea in the Park Café.

    Stop in front of it for a moment.


    Its operated by the Western Cape’s leading compost supplier ­– Reliance. The idea is to integrate the operation of the café with the park’s vision for sustainability, and who better to partner with than the company responsible for diverting 17 million cubic meters of the City’s green garden and park waste from landfills! In fact, the garden itself is nourished with Reliance compost, so it’s very likely that green waste that leaves the park, returns later and makes its way back into the beds.

    There is a variety of yummy food on offer from sandwiches, salads and wraps, to sweet treats such as cakes and tarts, baked fresh by the kitchen team (the carrot cake is an absolute must!). There is also a selection of reasonably priced treats for little ones to purchase with their pocket money.

    By the way, you’ll find toilets at rear of the Tea Room building.

    Just ahead of you on the right is a playground for children. Walk ahead a little further and stop in front of it.

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