• LOCATION 32 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Flinders Landing Signboard

    Can you see the signboard coming up on your left? Stop when you get to it.

    The sign tells you more about the event that led to the naming of the beach we're walking alongside, Norfolk Beach.

    In July 1799 Matthew Flinders' vessel, The Norfolk landed along this beach. Every July, locals hold a re-enactment of his 1799 landing close to this point. This is another of Coochie's three places of cultural significance.

    Between the trees, you'll see glimpses of North Stradbroke Island, the big island in the far distance. All these islands are mainly solid sand, with aquifers that hold very clear water, but also a lot of rare minerals useful in making things like mobile phones. You can see the crest on North Stradbroke where the sand is exposed. Behind that ridge there's a sand mining operation. They have to revegetate as they go, which is the grey-green foliage over the yellow of the sand.

    Continue the way we were going. There's another public toilet around here if you need, but we're almost back where we started.

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