• LOCATION 34 | Escape to Coochiemudlo Island

    Ferns and Scarred Trees

    Walk between the bollards here. Look to your right. Can you see remnants of swamp water fern? Aboriginal people grind the roots to make a kind of flour.

    Now look up ahead, and make your way over to the cluster of odd-shaped trees, also to the right of the path. These are more Aboriginal scarred trees. But instead of being used for smoking fish, the Aboriginal fathers cut the trees and altered their growth early in the tree's life, so that their sons could build canoes and other items at a much later stage. This is marvellous evidence of inter-generational thinking in Aboriginal culture. Whoever originally scarred the tree might not necessarily be the one who benefits from harvesting the bark.

    Do you remember the park I pointed out to you at the start of this tour? It's called Foreshore Park and it's coming up ahead - we're nearly back to where we began our walk.

    It's just a little further to go.

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