• LOCATION 6 | La Macarena to Parque Nacional

    Plaza de Toros

    As you make your way down the stairs of the Torres del Parque, you will notice the Plaza de Toros de La SantaMaría on your right. This is the bullring of Bogotá.

    Stop for a moment on the stairs to take in the view.


    This Plaza was built in 1931 on land donated by the family SantaMaría, hence its name.
    Bullfighting or toros, is a tradition that comes from Spain and has been part of this city for many decades. These days it has many detractors who are against the cruelty caused to the bulls by los toreros. The defenders of the fiesta brava, as bullfighting is known, say it is an art form and cultural tradition.
    Both sides will never agree. But what is true is that this plaza has seen the world's best toreros because La SantaMaría is one of the most important bullfighting arenas this side of the Atlantic.

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    When you're ready, continue making your way down the stairs towards the entrance of the park.

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