• LOCATION 2 | Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath

    Along Parade Gardens

    Along Parade Gardens on Bath audio tour Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath

    Now turn left and cross the 2nd crossing, then continue directly ahead on the Grand Parade and keeping the Parade Gardens below on your right.

    Bath only expanded into a fashionable resort at the start of the 1700s, when Queen Anne visited to ‘take the waters’, as it was known. This was the start of Bath’s renaissance, which transformed the ancient city into a place where everyone wanted to visit ‘to see and be seen’.

    After 1714 and up to 1830, we entered the Georgian period, so called because we had four monarchs on the throne, all called George! This was the time when Bath was built in the neo-classical style of architecture, mostly on farmland outside, with the old city walls being demolished to make way for this expansion. The Victorian age followed, but Bath had now become a quieter place. However, walking around Bath today, think of the noise and smell of that time; the taxi service of the day called Sedan chairs, carried along by chairmen, then a later version with wheels, known as the Bath chair, and of course the horse drawn carriages taking people around and also the stage coaches arriving from elsewhere.

    This was the time when a man-made canal waterway was excavated to connect London with Bath in 1800, followed by the railways and steam trains from the 1840s.

    Continue walking, with the gardens on your right.

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Walk the Highlights of Georgian & Victorian Bath