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    Swiit Ice Cream

    Let's stop here for a moment just past the old Roman wall on your right. Swiit Ice Cream is few doors down, just opposite the wall, up the slope.

    The pretty shop of Swiit is housed in an old print workshop. They make small batch ice creams using organic milk from Catalan farms. If you want to try something different go for the Health Bomb, a sorbet with carrot as its base.

    Feel free to pop in for an ice cream if you like. Otherwise, if you prefer to keep moving, just continue walking straight along Carrer del Correu Vell.


    Despite the hot summers, good ice cream is not a Catalan forte. What a lot of Spanish and Catalans prefer to cool down with is a horchata. It's similar to a milkshake but made from ground tiger nuts instead of ice-cream. Tiger nuts are not a nut in fact but a tuber and were brought to Spain by the Muslims.

    There are no Horchateria's in either the Born or the Gothic quarter but if you have time and want try it, I recommend Horchateria Sirvent in the Sant Antoni neighborhood.

    If you're still at Swiit, turn right after exiting, then right again and keep going.

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