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    Right onto Carrer Ample

    Let's turn right onto Carrer Amble.

    While you walk, I'll tell you a little about Catalunya through its food.

    Catalan food is distinctive from the rest of Spain. It's a cuisine based on frugality. The result of decades of poverty during the Franco era. As a result, Catalan cooks made use of whatever little was available. You see snails on the menu because they are plentiful in the wild. Tripe, head, and feet because it's cheap. And why things such as bacallà, salt cod, were much revered. Even the cheaper end pieces of the cod were useful and are still used to this day to make a salad of sorts called Esqueixada where the cod is soaked to desalinate, then flaked raw into the salad. Don't worry, the salt prevents any harmful bacteria from taking hold so eat with abandon.

    When fish is bought at the market, the fishmonger will hand over two parcels, one with the fillet and another with the bones and offal with which stock can be made.

    That being said, when a special occasion presents itself, the local cook will fork out one hundred euros for a kilo of Mediterranean prawns.

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