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    Politics and cheese

    Turn left here onto Carrer de la Palma de Sant Just and keep going.

    Catalan culture, identity, and the Catalan language were violently suppressed by Franco and the Spanish Kings that preceded him. When Franco died in 1975 Catalans reassessed themselves fiercely beginning with reinstating their language. These days even the local version of Time Out is only printed in Catalan.

    Let's move away from politics and onto the subject of cheese. We are headed to a special one called La Seu. Catalan cheese was almost lost because of guessed it, Franco. During his rule, imports were forbidden so when he was gone local cheese was all but forgotten in the enthusiasm to try all the imported foreign cheese.

    Thankfully for us, cheese making was saved from the brink.

    We will be approaching the Basilica dels Sants Just i Pastor, a 13-century church. The history of this square goes even further, in Roman times, this picturesque square was used by Christians and Jews to trade. The fountain with the three faces is said to be the oldest water source in the city.

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