• LOCATION 13 | Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route

    Siriraj Hospital

    Keep going straight along this road.

    The buildings around you are all part of Siriraj Hospital, the oldest and arguably most prestigious hospital and medical school in Thailand. The original facility was opened in 1888 by King Rama V, after his infant son died of dysentery. Heartbroken at his loss, he was determined to turn tragedy into opportunity, and ordered Thailand's first permanent medical facility be built, for which he donated supplies and money.

    More recently, Siriraj is best known as the place where the previous king, King Rama IX, passed in 2016, after a long illness. During the time he was staying here, it was common to see crowds of thousands camping here, holding vigils, and praying for his recovery.

    Continue walking.

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Bangkok Noi Canal: Beginner's Route