Miranda diboll voicemap walking tour

Miranda Diboll

I'm an audio producer based in Sussex who's been waiting for some technically savvy bod to come along and invent something like VoiceMap. I'm excited by Geolocation, I'm a Geocacher so something like this combines my passion for immersive audio and GPS! All I need to do now is come up with some great Voice Maps.

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Miranda diboll voicemap walking tour
by Miranda Diboll in London
26 May 2016
Britpop 90s camden walking tour

Britpop Camden

Distance 2mi
Duration 80min
11 ratings

Join me on a nostalgia-fuelled jaunt around Britpop lalaland circa 1995. Aren't I a lucky 40 something to be able to relive my youth like this!

I had the honour of living and loving here that year. It was the height of Britpop and I was living... More»

Locicon 43A Pratt St...