Mandy Longo

Mandy is the owner of Around Orlando Tours and guides people on tours all around Orlando, Florida. She is a third generation resident of the area and has a passion for this town! She has traveled across the country participating in tours in multiple cities and wanted to bring a similar experience to Orlando, Winter Park, and all of Central Florida. In her travels she found that people think of Orlando as “Disney” - which is so far from the truth. She wants to share the awesome stories, food, and experiences that central Florida has to offer with out-of-towners and locals alike. She prides herself on showing you the REAL Orlando...not the touristy part. When you come on a tour with Mandy, you will feel like you are hanging out with a close friend or family, and by the time the tour is over you'll feel like a local!

Meander around Lake Eola and discover its art, history and the occasional swan
ByMandy Longo, 01 Mar 2019

Walking Tour

30 mins